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Depression Therapists in Long Beach, CA

Depression can be a debilitating condition that negatively impacts your work, home life, and personal relationships, but choosing to seek care from Long Beach, CA, depression therapists means you want to overcome the issues that plague you. At Debra Brittain LCSW, we would be pleased to provide the personalized therapy you require.

Our dedicated team will always strive to respond to your needs quickly, and we'll remain attentive to the details of your case throughout your time with us. We also offer convenient appointment scheduling, which makes it easier for our busiest patients to find time to see our therapist. Choose to work with us when you require:

  • Short-term therapy that focuses on finding a solution
  • A coaching approach to therapy
  • A therapist that accepts most insurance plans

If you believe that your case of the blues could be a more serious condition, consider seeking treatment from a qualified, compassionate Long Beach, CA, depression therapist. Call the office of Debra Brittain LCSW today to learn more about our services or to schedule your initial consultation.


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